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iPad eMenu Self ordering

Easy and faster ordering process compared to traditional practices. iPad eMenu self-ordering made it all so easy!

Invest in the more important things in life.

The iPad eMenu ordering system saves you 30% of your labour costs, brings up your service level, and improves productivity whilst increasing at least of 25% of the table turnaround.

Isn't that is an amazing system that you noticed on the video? Yes, restaurants have transformed their manual ordering system into smart self-ordering system. Now, your customers need not wait for a long time to place their orders. Get your restaurant engaged with  Yumstone eSolutions best iPad eMenu, POS and Kiosk system and grab your customer's attention.

 Yumstone is IMDA pre-approved SMEs Go Digital vendor for Food and Beverages Business. Up to 50% PSG grant SINGAPORE  for
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