eMenu & iPad ordering system

eMenu & iPad Ordering System

emenu and ipad ordering system

Invoke your appetite: Exhibit a variety of tantalizingly palatable dishes.

Update, edit, and adjust your e-menu in real time,
permanently saves time and printing costs.

automated menu based self ordering system

Ease of use: Automated-menu based self-ordering system.

This creative system is fun to use, encouraging customers to place more orders and brings your dining experience to a whole new level.

yumpad emenu pos

Cost-saving and productive: Invest in the more important things in life.

The Yumpad saves you a third of your labor costs, bringing up your service level and improves productivity whilst increasing a 25% turnaround.

The eMenu ordering system is now available with customization options that help you change the entire theme. The restaurant owner is now able to make changes that he could make on requirement without disturbing the user experience. The system provides a one-touch experience on the device of their choice and even make customers more comfortable on devices they prefer. This indeed saves time for your customers and make them more happy on using the system.Added, the restaurant owners could make precise customization on the system or on the menu, categories. They could even make it a better experience for customers that they need to scroll down the entire menu page. Thus, they make it easier to navigate into the right category and save customers valuable time. Further, it is now possible to add up descriptions to the dishes, helping customers place orders instantly.

On customers placing the orders, it is further delivered to the kitchen directly that could be processed at an instance, reducing the wait time of customers. The beneficiary note has attracted most of the restaurant owners.

The four main reasons for using an iPad ordering system are as follows,

  • Easy to use and cost-effective.
  • All-in-one Waiter.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Clean analysis and efficient report.

What do you wait for? Now, this is the right time to get rid of lazy waiters and to engage your restaurant with the latest and the digitized iPad ordering system. Let your customers wait no more on their orders. Get your customers satisfied with the type of service you provide. The best and simplest way to engage your customers and make more sale out of it.
At recent times, most restaurants have equipped their dining with such a beautiful system and grabbed their customers attention. Why not you be one among them.
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